How To Successfully Move Your Small Business Into The Future With Cloud Computing

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Still sorting through physical files and calling in support to help with your in-house server?

To be blunt, that’s pretty much on par with living in the dark ages.

Imagine if a flood or fire were to devastate your office. If your business relies on an analog filing system and/or in-house server, a natural disaster would destroy all of your data. This is only one of many reasons why cloud computing secures your small business network.

For the sake of your small business’s successful future, it’s time to transition to cloud computing. 

6 Ways Cloud Computing Secures Your Small Business’s Future

It’s not just a fad, cloud computing is here to stay. Here are the 6 reasons why you need to utilize cloud-based technology for your business today and why it will help you be more successful in the future. 

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1. Strengthen Data Storage With Modern Features

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions use cloud technology which helps to strengthen, modernize, and improve accessibility to software like Office 365 and Google Workspace. This means businesses are able to operate remotely with confidence in their security and storage. 

Furthermore, cloud computing offers game changing features through machine learning and artificial intelligence. For example, consider a time you were looking for a specific document. If that document is mislabeled or misfiled, this task just got a whole lot more difficult and time consuming. But cloud storage allows you to search for a term, phrase, or keyword associated with that document. A task that could have taken hours with an outdated filing system only takes seconds with cloud storage.

While appropriate titles, tags, and placement will provide for a more organized system, human error is less detrimental with the cloud. Moreover, do you have bad memories of forgetting to save documents? The cloud also makes losing files a thing of the past, too!

Cloud computing automatically saves all documents and backs up data on a regular basis. 

Say hello to never having to overthink your filing system again with cloud computing!

2. Blockchain Technology Tracks Activity 

Blockchain technology has become more of a household term in recent years. While we may be able to thank NFTs for popularizing the word, blockchain technology’s monitoring ability can seriously increase your business’s network security.

For instance, do you need to know when and who has accessed a document? When a specific change was made to a document? Blockchain technology dissolves the mystery and makes it simple to monitor your cloud storage. You can answer both of the previous questions with a simple move.

Talk to your MSP about implementing cloud solutions that will alleviate the task of activity monitoring. 

3. Cloud Computing Solves Accessibility Challenges

Where were you when in-office workers were told to go home?

While that may be a memory people discuss for decades to come, there’s a more important question to follow. How did your business adapt to work-from-home orders?

Several businesses require employees to work in the office because:

  • The analog filing system is physically located in the office
  • The digital filing system is only accessible via in-house server
  • Software necessary to complete work tasks is only accessible through workplace computers

Do any of those sound familiar?

In this instance, businesses that embraced the future of technology before it was necessary really won. Now that more people work remotely than ever before (because, hey it works!), cloud computing is a must.

These days, employees can access data on-demand from literally anywhere in the world with an internet connection at any time. 

Ready to take your business into the future with cloud computing? Contact Brooks IT Services today to get started. 

4. Eliminate Physical & Natural Threats

As mentioned above, a flood or fire could devastate a business that relies on an old school filing system and/or in-house server. Moreover, don’t forget about old fashioned thieves who could literally steal your in-house server and essentially all of your data.

Cloud computing makes the very real risks of fires, floods, and thefts less of a liability to your small business. This is because with the cloud, your data is securely stored on cloud servers. Even if your office and all your business’s computing devices were destroyed, your data will still be intact. You will just need to simply log in to your accounts from another device and then you can continue running your business as usual.

Furthermore, many industries’ compliance rules require businesses to have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Whether or not your industry requires these plans, it’s a good idea to have them in place. Otherwise, your business may not survive unforeseen events. 

5. Create A Robust Infrastructure

It’s true that not all small businesses are the same. But each small business’s data and files are incredibly important. That is why data is the backbone of a robust infrastructure.

With cloud computing, you can create a robust infrastructure for your small business that will increase both security and optimization. And since network security relies heavily on monitoring and regularly scheduled backups, cloud computing makes it much simpler to perform these tasks.

An MSP, like the experts at Brooks IT Services, can remotely monitor your network if you are using cloud-based services. Moreover, Control One is a service that has incredibly increased our ability to do this more efficiently and in less time. However, without the cloud, you will have to rely on more archaic methods to monitor your network and ensure its security.

6. Future-Proof Your Technology

Are you familiar with scalable technology?

In a nutshell, it is what will carry your small business into its successful future. Scalable software like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are just two examples, but there are literally thousands available. 

However, choosing what scalable technology is right for your business can be overwhelming. That’s why at Brooks IT Services, our team of experts does the research so you don’t have to. You don’t need to spend hours on end trying to figure out the best software for your unique business needs. Since we specifically work with small businesses, we understand the requirements and keep tabs on the most efficient and cost-effective software solutions available. 

Secure Your Small Business’s Successful Future With Brooks IT Services

Whether your goals include security, optimization, or modernization, Brooks IT Services can do it all. We work with small business owners like you every day to ensure your network is always secure and working as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, we understand small business budget constraints. Our clients have seen so much in cost savings that they are able to reinvest into their businesses to continue growing. And with the network security they receive from BITS, they do so confidently and securely.

Connect with BITS today and start running your business in confidence.