How To Boost Efficiency (And Ultimately Profitability) With Cloud Computing For Small Businesses

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In today’s innovative world, being tethered to one desk in one location might seem like you’re working in the dark ages. Not only does cloud computing for small businesses bring about modern features, but it is also cost-effective, accessible, and safe.

With increased internet speeds becoming more affordable, more people and businesses around the world are able to take advantage of cloud computing benefits. Read on to learn how to boost efficiency (and ultimately profitability) with cloud computing for small businesses. 

5 Ways Cloud Computing For Small Businesses Boosts Efficiency & Profitability

You may have years of experience working remotely, or maybe you dove in without warning early last year. Either way, one thing became very clear in 2020. Companies already set up with cloud computing had an easier time adapting to working from home.

1. Voice Over IP (VoIP) Reduces Equipment Costs & Improves Responsiveness

As an IT service provider, we’ve seen just about everything. We once had a reputable client who passed around a company mobile phone. Answering the phone with, “Hello, this is Sam. I have the company phone today,” was their normal response.

Thankfully, there is a much better way to do business. 

Nowadays, Voice Over IP (VoIP) provides a cost-effective cloud computing solution. Now, everyone easily has access to the company line from anywhere. Rather than a physical phone that gets passed around, the phone distribution is over the cloud. 

With VoIP, anyone with access can answer or place calls coming or going from the official business phone number. This flexibility offers on-the-go employees a reliable office number from literally anywhere in the world. 

Offices already set up with VoIP pre-pandemic were in an ideal situation when lockdowns went into place in early 2020. Additionally, VoIP provides features that allow for sending documents, photos, and videos while on a call. 

2. Modernize & Strengthen Your Storage

Typically, businesses use and rely on software that isn’t commonly on home computers. Because this software is on company computers, employees must have access to perform work. 

Access to this software once meant a key to get into the office. But in today’s modern age, cloud computing can make even the most specialized software accessible from anywhere. 

Cloud computing removes the barrier of entry so that employees can use the programs and software they need. Regardless of where they are physically, workers can access the files and applications as if they were in the office. 

Software as a service (SaaS) solutions uses the cloud to provide safe and modern applications. Examples of SaaS include Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, etc. 

The great thing about these solutions is that they are accessible through login credentials, not at a physical location. 

Collaborating on a project is much more streamlined, whether you’re in the office or working from home. This is because cloud computing automatically syncs data between all devices. Any changes to a document appear immediately and mistakes are much easier to catch. 

3. Schedule Your Backups And Go On Your Way

It’s not that backups are completely a thing of the past, but it sure seems like it in comparison to pre-cloud computing days. 

A catastrophic data loss can occur at any time. Floods, fires, power surges, hardware failure, and more can lead to a complete loss of data stored on in-house servers. Companies that face this type of data loss are immediately at increased risk of bankruptcy within that same year. 

However, with cloud computing, everything you work on is automatically saved in the cloud. If your worst fears come true and your office building goes up in flames, this data will still be as you left it in the cloud. 

While this does create a safety net to prevent the loss of important files, it is important to also schedule regular backups to protect against data breaches. 

If that is not your area of expertise, trust us, you don’t want to risk losing important documents. Contact Brooks IT Services to make sure your system is set up for regular backups. 

4. Access Your Files On Any Device

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is accessibility. 

Have you lost data that wasn’t backed up properly? Or desperately needed access to a file but servers were down?

Businesses are able to use cloud computing to access data from any location on any device. Instead of storing files on your computer or on an in-house server, information is saved in the cloud. 

Housing files on an in-house server can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, they are prone to downtime. Cloud computing allows for data to be stored in the cloud without the downsides of in-house servers.

Centralized network services and applications are accessible to anyone with the proper credentials and an internet connection. Working from home is not only possible, but your business is also able to reach peak efficiency no matter where your employees are physically located. 

With the thrust into working from home during the lockdown in 2020, many companies were a bit surprised how productive their teams remained or even became. This is why many Fortune 500 companies have decided to allow their employees to continue working remotely. Not only does this save on the cost of office space, but employees now have the freedom to work from virtually anywhere. 

5. Be Confident In Your Network Security

If you’re into action movies, you’ve probably seen a few where people dress as cat burglars and sneak into an office to steal the servers. And then they all high five and go their separate ways to enjoy the millions they stole from the sleazy casino owner. Sounds reasonable enough, right?

The days of physically locking away our most important files are behind us. The cloud takes the place of any safe that once held critical documents. Two-factor authentication and a strong password replace the need for extra deadbolts. Our lives and businesses are moving more virtually every day. 

Another great benefit of utilizing cloud computing for small businesses is that it keeps your information safe. Future-proofed cloud computing takes your network security to a whole new level. 

Not only can you access and collaborate from anywhere, but you can also monitor who has accessed your files and programs. 

BITSCloud Boosts Your Business Efficiency 

If you haven’t yet utilized cloud computing for your business, it’s time to step out of the dark ages. The world’s moving pretty fast, but getting on board with the cloud can help you keep up. 

BITSCloud is a cloud computing solution that will help your business reach new peaks in productivity and efficiency. With our security practices, expert know-how, and rapid response times, you’ll never have to worry about costly downtime again. 

Brooks IT Services is a comprehensive technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to providing small businesses in Houston with the most reliable and professional IT support. Ready to give your business the support it deserves? Contact Brooks IT Services today.