5 Major Benefits Of Microsoft 365 For Small Business Computing

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Are you utilizing the best collaborative online workspace for your business?

As a small business owner, you’ve probably seen Microsoft 365 in the news or at least on applicants’ resumes. But are you aware of the benefits driving small business owners to these services?

If you’ve used programs from different manufacturers, then you’re probably aware that not everything works great together. There are syncing issues, glitches, and in those problems, data tends to go missing.

But now, the home of Windows is making strides. In recent years, Microsoft has upped the ante in cloud computing. As a result, syncing programs built by different companies is quickly becoming an antiquated practice. With the help of Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, small business collaboration is thriving for both in-office and remote workers. 

5 Major Benefits Of Microsoft 365 For Small Business Computing 

From staying within budget to real-time collaboration, Microsoft 365 is a game-changer for businesses of every size. No matter the size of your business, Microsoft 365 can work for a single-person show and grow with you and your business. Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, Microsoft 365 is the cost-efficient, scalable solution to your computing needs. 

1. Software Familiarity Is Second Nature

Do you remember the days of word processors, or are you young enough that computers have always been a mainstay? Either way, there’s a good chance you are familiar with Microsoft Windows. 

Even before household computers were the norm, many of us learned to use Windows at school or work. Since Microsoft 365 is the new and improved version of Windows, the layout and functions will likely be second nature. 

However, if you haven’t had the opportunity to learn computer basics in a classroom or office, there are many free online resources. You can easily google Microsoft 365 how-to videos or find them on the Microsoft website. Also, be sure to check YouTube and even TikTok for some tips and tricks. 

Even better, contact Brooks IT Services to find out how we can help teach you and your employees how to utilize your software. We don’t just install and walk away. Instead, we remain available to make sure we can help you resolve any issues that may arise. Whether a problem occurs due to human error or a software glitch, we’re here to keep your team productive and working efficiently.

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2. Foster Collaboration Between Team Members

Scanning and emailing documents seem as archaic as faxing these days. The time where we would see notes scribbled over xerox copies are over. There is no need to try to decipher handwriting or ever question the author. 

With Microsoft 365’s services, the document’s creator, author of the latest edits, and comments are clearly labeled. If you are working with more than one person, you can tag certain people with specific questions. They will then receive an email alerting them to your comment. With Microsoft 365, collaborating has never been easier.

3. Keep Documents Safe & Secure In The Cloud

When you create and save documents using Microsoft OneDrive, you can rest easy knowing they are secure. Even files uploaded from your computer to OneDrive are saved in secure data centers.

Cloud-based storage and applications have been a game-changer for everyone who uses a computer. For instance, the ability to log on to your email account from any device is thanks to the cloud. With Microsoft, data is safely encrypted in transit and at rest. 

Moreover, Microsoft accounts have built-in security that detect and block spam, phishing, and malware threats by design.

Is your small business secure? If not, all the hard work you’re putting in could be for nothing. Don’t risk losing it all to cybercrime. Get in touch with Brooks IT Services to make sure your network is secure. 

4. Implement Easy-To-Use Services

One of the highest benefits of Microsoft 365’s many services is the ease of use. As long as you have experience creating documents, spreadsheets, or slide shows, Microsoft 365 will be quite simple.


Keep your email communications organized with the tried and true Microsoft Outlook. From blocking spam to adjustable windows and customizable layouts and simple signatures, Outlook is sure to make you look as professional as you want. 


Rather than localized shared data storage in the office, your staff can now access the most current version of each document from anywhere in the world. As long as there is internet access, file sharing is available. 


Whether you grew up on Microsoft Word or have utilized other programs like Google Docs, refamiliarizing yourself or incorporating Word for the first time will be no problem. Microsoft Word is a no-brainer with the same format and functions that you’re used to, along with the highly collaborative features. Track changes, suggest edits, and even reference older versions all in one place.


Most offices use spreadsheets for accounting, tracking data, and many other reasons. Microsoft Excel elevates the spreadsheet experience with its familiar layout, easy-to-use shortcuts, and highly collaborative functionality. 


When your employees are tasked with putting together a presentation, Microsoft Excel makes all the difference. With any presentation, everyone needs someone to at least proofread before going live. And, of course, PowerPoint makes working together on a presentation simple. Since all of the services included in Microsoft 365 are accessible with an internet connection, the collaborating staff don’t need to be in the same location.

5. Keep Your Entire Business On The Same Page With Microsoft Teams

The services listed above are perfect for any worker. However, whether they are collaborating or not, communication needs to occur outside of a document. Whether you need to go over the tasks for the upcoming week or just ask quick questions, Microsoft 365’s communication services keep it simple.


Most of us are familiar with online chats. Maybe you were once an AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) user, or your chat experience is entirely on social media platforms. Microsoft Teams is the same idea. Check-in with your staff, shoot over a document to review, or congratulate your team on a well-done job, all in one extremely easy-to-use service. 

Video Call

Zoom, Skype, downloads, passwords, and more can be daunting. While video meetings kept the business world turning during a lockdown, some are definitely easier to use than others. 

What’s great about Microsoft Teams is the ease of use. If you don’t use Teams often, you can easily use the web app in your browser. Once you’re on the call, you can easily share your screen to show others exactly what you are working on. There’s even an easy option to hand the controls over to someone else so they can work on the document that’s open on your computer.

Moreover, since it’s part of Microsoft 365, everyone has access to the documents needed in the meeting – keeping productivity at a high. 

Ready To Incorporate Microsoft 365 Into Your Cloud Computing?

If your office isn’t utilizing cloud computing yet, it’s time to get on board. Save money and headaches by implementing Microsoft 365 into your office. 

While Microsoft 365 works well for in-office and remote workers, it also keeps options open. Imagine if the office has to shut down again because of the pandemic. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a system in place that avoids downtime?

With Microsoft 365, your employees can take their computers home and keep working without skipping a beat. Because data is stored on the cloud, you won’t have to worry about natural disasters or theft destroying your most important information. Avoid downtime, keep productivity and morale at a high while protecting both your data and employees. Contact Brooks IT Services today to get your office prepared for whatever curveballs are thrown next.