The Importance of IT Support for Healthcare Companies

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Computer software is advancing around the world every day. So it’s no wonder that healthcare companies would want to take advantage. New and improved software helps healthcare workers to communicate. In turn, they can better collaborate and improve the level of care they provide.

As technology continues to move forward, so does the need for IT support for healthcare companies. Without an expert IT professional, your healthcare company could be at risk.

How IT Support For A Healthcare Company Works

Healthcare companies find themselves amid opportunities and challenges every day. Moreover, communication has drastically changed the way most people do business. From sending patient files to researching treatments, your network needs to be ready. Patients receive the best care when all members of the healthcare team are working together. 

1. Allows Healthcare Professionals To Provide Best Possible Service

As it is in most industries, healthcare professionals can provide the best care when their networks are healthy and up to date. Monitored IT support is especially helpful in avoiding unnecessary and unexpected downtime. 

Imagine if a pharmacy receives a prescription to fill, but they must contact the doctor. When the doctor gets the call, they hop on their computer to get the data that is needed. However, what if the doctor’s computer suddenly goes into update mode? This is just one minor example of how downtime can slow communication between professionals. At its worst, a slow down of communications could mean life or death to a patient. 

All this to say, it’s important to be proactive with computer maintenance. With Brooks IT Services’ Managed IT Support, you can have confidence in your network. And have the data you need when you need it so you can remain productive.

2. Ensure Systems Are Secure

From ransomware to the risk of losing data, there are very real threats to healthcare IT systems. Healthcare companies must keep patients’ medical records, financial statements, and payment information secure. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, healthcare professionals are prone to higher risks of hackers with ill intentions. 

IT support by a reputable IT company, like Brooks IT Services, allows healthcare companies to be proactive when it comes to security. This means we resolve any network issue that could slow down operations before it arises. Monitoring and scheduled maintenance of healthcare IT infrastructure protects sensitive information while ensuring applications and systems are safe. Additionally, a good IT professional will actively search for and identify threats, and will then execute a plan of action.

Furthermore, in case of emergencies, an IT expert will develop both backup and disaster recovery plans. Whether a natural or manmade disaster occurs, you don’t have to worry about losing data or long bouts of downtime. 

Contact Brooks IT Services today to find out how BITSSecure can help your organization prepare for the worst case scenario.

3. Access Resources To Keep Business Running Smoothly

Having a go-to IT expert on hand is crucial for healthcare companies. This is because user error can wreak havoc on even the most proactive plans.

With IT professionals, such as Brooks IT Services, in your corner, you can remain confident that you’ll always have useful resources for support. After all, part of your IT expert’s job is to make sure you understand how to best use your computer network.

The right tools can help you and your team stay up to date with protocols. Moreover, you can better avoid phishing attempts and boost overall productivity. 

Reach out to Brooks IT Services today to ensure your healthcare company has the expertise and resources to operate efficiently.

4. Ensure HIPAA Compliance At All Times

When it comes to healthcare, the importance of IT support is more than just promoting productivity. Since healthcare workers fall under HIPAA regulations, staying in compliance is mandatory. 

HIPAA was signed into law in 1996. At this time, technology was taking off and more people were beginning to use computers in their homes and offices. The US Department of Health and Human Services saw both the benefits and risks.

The point of HIPAA is to protect patient information. Without IT protocols in place, a healthcare business could experience a data breach. It’s not a matter of if, but when hackers will infiltrate an unarmed system. Then, the stolen data could be used to embarrass patients, sold on the black market, or worse. What if a data breach occurs because your network was not in compliance? In that case, you can also expect to receive hefty fines and possible marks against your professional license.

5. Implement The Best Solutions For Your Company

There are many benefits of having an IT expert to call on. Keeping up with the constant technology changes is among these benefits. These days, patient portals are becoming the norm. So you need to make sure all end users’ needs are being met.

A very helpful solution to keep up with expectations of quick access to information is cloud computing. Do you need help determining which data should remain on-premise only? And what can be stored on the cloud? The experts at Brooks IT Services can help with these decisions. Moreover, a hybrid approach can also combine on-premise and cloud storage for certain applications. 

Cloud computing solutions allow providers instant access to patient files. Furthermore, patients can also benefit by having access to their own health data. While providing easier access for doctors and patients to communicate, data stays safe. Now, patients can even receive expert care from healthcare providers without having to leave their homes through video chats. This has been helpful during the health risks of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It’s also important to realize that healthcare companies exist out of the realm of direct patient care. Manufacturers, suppliers, and insurance companies can benefit from accessing data from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Another huge benefit of IT experts managing IT support such as cloud computing is the ability to scale your business. As companies grow and hire more staff, the computer network may possibly break the bank. Fortunately, cloud computing is a safe and affordable solution that can grow as a business grows. Adding access for new employees is quick and simple. If you have an IT expert to call on, then this process is even more seamless.

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Ready To Improve Your Healthcare Company’s IT Support?

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