How Google Workspace Is Changing The Small Business Landscape

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We can say one thing for certain about 2020. It propelled us into the future in a way no one could have expected. 

Politics aside, the work from home orders caught many of us by surprise. For some, it was as easy as sending employees home with company laptops. That’s because they were already utilizing the cloud that allowed for an easy transition to remote work.

Google was right there with the rest of us. Despite being a technology company, they also had to navigate the new normal of remote work. Recently, they’ve actually adopted telecommuting as a permanent option for their employees because it worked so well. 

Additionally, Google Workspace has transformed with the need for today’s workforce. Google Workspace users, as well as frontline workers, are at the forefront of the optimized infrastructure. But is Google Workspace right for you and your small business?

Is Google Workspace Your Best Solution?

Are scalable technology, flexibility, and security important to you? Then Google Workspace may be the solution. 

Flexibility In The Face Of Change

When change occurs, many people debate whether to lean in or resist. Google saw the need for flexibility and took the former option. In their own words, “Google Workspace is the nexus of Google’s own transformation.”

There was a gap between in-office, remote, and hybrid workers. But now, Google Workspace offers the flexibility modern businesses need. Because it was built in the cloud, the work suite empowers equitable collaboration and creativity in real time. As long as remote workers have an internet connection, they can be just as connected with their team as if they were sitting a few feet away. 

This emphasis on collaboration equity fueled Google’s innovation to be both helpful and flexible. Furthermore, Google Workspace is cost-efficient and scalable to work within any small business’s budget.   

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Workspace Frontline Streamlines Communication & Collaboration

In addition to proving the power in flexibility, the pandemic forced us to bear witness to the needs of frontline workers. As such, Google Workspace Frontline is now available to our country’s most essential workers. 

Nurses, doctors, grocers, warehouse workers, and more continue to be critical to the population’s well-being. However, frontline workers have struggled with a lack of communication and collaboration tools. More often than not, workers use their personal devices and certain apps to get the information they need. 

Google Workspace Frontline has opened up communication between frontline and corporate workers. Furthermore, these tools are secure and keep essential, privileged information safe. 

Applications like Gmail, Google Chat, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive host business-grade support. Additionally, security measures provide a further layer of security to keep each business’s data safe. 

Moreover, AppSheets are custom apps built from Google Sheets and Google Drive. This helps frontline workers to streamline their tasks. These include field data collection, evaluating safety risks, fielding customer requests, and more. Workers can customize and collaborate how they need. Google Workspace offers secure access on any device and closes the gap between corporate and frontline workers. 

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Stay On Task With Google Assistant

Need help managing your time or attention span for that matter? We don’t blame you. After all, juggling personal and professional responsibilities can lead to burnout.

With Google Workspace comes your very own personal assistant to stay on track to complete all your tasks. Just ask your Google Assistant, “What’s next on my calendar?” Plus, you can instruct your Google Assistant to quickly join meetings, write and send messages, and more. Furthermore, Google Assistant can help you better balance your life with the following features: 

Segmentable Working Hours

Remote workers don’t always follow the 9-5 schedule. Instead, many people choose to break up their days. For example, you may want to work two hours, go on a long bike ride for a couple of hours, and return to work. Set your schedule to show your availability to make the most out of your time. 

Recurring Out-Of-Office Entries

In addition to segmenting your work hours, schedule your recurring out-of-office entries all at once. Imagine if you plan to leave early on the last Friday of every month for your kid’s baseball tournament. Don’t worry about remembering to plug that into the calendar every single month. Instead, set it as a recurring entry that takes place the last Friday of every month. Don’t let that keep you up at night ever again.

Location Indicators 

Would allowing your location to be visible to your manager(s) and co-workers benefit your workflow? Then you’ll want to enable location indicators. This provides the colleagues (you allow) to view your availability and location. Don’t worry about rushing back to the computer during one of your segmented “off” hours. 

Focus Time

Do you ever wish you could get through one task without notifications dinging and disrupting your productive streak?

With Focus Time, you can minimize or eliminate these distractions. Furthermore, you can decide when you want to enable Focus Time. This can be during certain time windows or during events on your calendar. 

Time Insights 

Make the very most of your time by analyzing how you’re using it. Each user has access to analytics that show how they are managing their time. Additionally, this data is available to each specific user. This function does not allow for managers or HR departments to track employee time insights. 

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Stronger Collaboration

What is collaboration equity without accessibility and open communication? 

Google got the memo when its own employees began working remotely in greater numbers than ever before. That’s why Google Workspace features strong collaboration capabilities.

Google Meet Hardware

The need for conference rooms is becoming antiquated with video conferencing being so widely available. Google Workspace took it up a notch. Now specific hardware allows people in conference rooms to easily interact with remote participants, further connecting in-person, remote, and hybrid works. 

Nest Hub Max

The innovative technology behind Nest Hub Max was designed with remote workers in mind. Users can hop on calls, watch YouTube videos, and more without taking up valuable space on their desktops. 

Simplified Mobile Use

While video conferencing is here to stay, have you ever joined a call from your mobile device? If so, you may have noticed several desktop features disappear. But now, Meet allows users to see more people at once with split-screen and picture-in-picture support. This allows users to multitask without missing a beat of the meeting or virtual thread.

Moreover, you now have more background options to keep your dirty laundry a secret. Plus, Q&A polls help teams stay productive, on the same page, and connected from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Live Streams

In addition to flexibility, Google recognized the need for inclusivity. Google’s Live Streams now offer captions in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French. Furthermore, this feature now includes access to Chat, JamBoard, and Calendar apps. 

Brooks IT Services Is Here Keep Your Business Secure & Ready For The Future

Small businesses aren’t immune to vicious hackers, viruses, downtime, or even work from home orders. 

Don’t go about your life hoping never to become a target. Instead, take measures to protect and enhance your small business. Furthermore, cloud computing, like Google Workspace, can ensure your business is prepared for disasters and work from home mandates. 

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