Does Your Construction Company Have An MSP?

Does Your Construction Company Have An MSP? 622 786 Brooks IT Services

Technology plays a huge role in construction companies’ operations, from estimates to CAD programs and collaboration. 

Are you confident in your construction company’s IT services?

If you feel your company could improve in any of these areas:

  • Communicating data to subcontractors
  • More quickly releasing liens against clients
  • Tracking designs and collaborations
  • Responding to inquiries
  • Anticipating issues
  • Staying within budget

Then your construction company needs managed IT services, also known as managed service providers (MSP). There are so many moving parts in most construction jobs. And it is critical to your company’s performance and reputation to utilize the right technology and devices. 

7 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Invest In Managed IT Services

Embracing technology with a reliable IT expert on your side means you can free up your to-do list to focus on what really matters. 

1. Clients Trust You With Large Sums Of Money

Whether you own or work for a construction company, we don’t need to tell you that the investments you’re dealing with are no joke. In fact, new construction is usually one of the largest investments a person will ever make. And if your cybersecurity is not up to speed, you could be risking it all. 

Knowing that you’re possibly handling someone’s life savings is reason enough to carefully make the right investments in your own business. 

Ready to position your construction company as the most efficient and trustworthy in your area? Get in touch with BITS today.

2. You Need Scalable Solutions That Are Remotely Accessible

There are many different hard hats at play for any given job. Plus, they are typically spread out in different areas. At any moment, you may need to be in touch with your office coordinator, a subcontractor picking up materials, your client who is anxiously waiting for updates, and so much more. And this is all on top of ensuring your entire crew is adhering to OSHA regulations. 

This means everyone on your team needs remote access to all the information for each job. Moreover, communication is key. From mobile device management (MDM) to scalable software to optimize your workload, you need managed IT services to ensure the backbone of your operations is always in place.

Furthermore, being in construction means your team needs reliable and hardy devices that can withstand construction environments. Talk to BITS about the best devices for your business that are also shockproof and water resistant.

3. Optimizing Collaboration Is Key In Construction

From your client’s initial concept to the architect’s renderings and the engineer’s guidance, collaboration is a huge aspect of your construction company’s success.

But are you using the right software to optimize collaboration?

Here’s the thing, there are likely thousands (if not more) types of software you could use. Does that mean they’ll all work for you? Nope!

In fact, choosing the right software for your business is important. Furthermore, it’s an investment and you want to get the most out of it. With managed IT services from BITS, you can stop wondering if you’re using the right software. 

Instead, you can get back to doing what you do best, knowing you have a reliable IT partner on your side. 

4. Human Error Can Cost Your Business Big Money

Do you ever feel like your role includes babysitting full grown adults? Ensuring your team performs tasks efficiently and through best practices can be tedious when managing projects manually. 

However, if you’re not using a schedule-led software system, it doesn’t make things much easier either. At that point, you’re just toggling a simple range of digital tools and likely adding more stress to your life. 

The benefits of schedule-led software include:

  • Real-time reporting that allows you to run queries with accurate reports at any moment
  • Customize roles and permissions so you can control what each team member can see and do within your software account
  • A built-in scheduling system ensures consistent and accurate data on all tasks
  • Built-in financial calculators integrate with accounting software to stay on top of costs within each project and throughout your overall business
  • Keep a log of all activity including communication, document uploads, change orders, etc. 

With the right software and IT experts on your side, you can drastically improve operations and reduce costs, time, and stress.

Talk to Brooks IT Services about choosing a schedule-led software that will guide your team through project delivery with best practices embedded at every stage. 

5. Technology Is Running Your Critical Core Applications

Without checking your notes, could you tell me about your critical core applications?

They may include:

  • Estimating
  • Accounting
  • Project management
  • Document management
  • Scale management

Do your applications work seamlessly together in your processes and dependencies? If not, then you aren’t utilizing the tech that’s available to you. And, even worse, you’re holding your company’s productivity hostage. 

More than finding the right software, it’s important to use the software that fits all your needs. Plus, if you’re using a different program for each task, you’re wasting valuable time.

6. In-House IT Experts Come At A Competitive Price (& High Turnover)

With all the IT needs your business has, it may seem like hiring an in-house IT expert is the best move. 

If you put all your eggs in one in-house IT basket, what happens when they…?

  • Call in sick
  • Have a family emergency
  • Use their well-deserved vacation days
  • Run into an issue that’s out of their wheelhouse
  • Spend too much time troubleshooting everyone’s devices
  • Have left for the day, but you’re working late and need help

In situations like these, you’ll likely pay for extra IT support anyway. And now, it will be on top of the salary and benefits you’re already paying your in-house person. Because when you’re dealing with huge projects and someone else’s large investments, you can’t put operations on hold.

For the price of managed IT services, you can have an entire team of experts ready to help you any time, day or night. That’s right. 24/7/365 IT support from experts whose job it is to be knowledgeable about your software and the latest cybersecurity threats. 

7. Time & Cost Overruns Impact Profitability

Being in the construction industry, you’ve likely met more experienced people who are dead set on their way of doing things. These are the folks who scoff at the idea of mixing construction and technology. And these are also the people who consider overruns to be inevitable elements of every project.

Well, you’re not building a tree fort. And the fact that you’ve read this far through the blog tells me you’re not entirely against technology. Plus, we highly doubt that you’re unlike every business owner who wants to cut unnecessary costs. 

Unless we’re wrong and you’re fine burning cash and daylight, your business requires technology to optimize your processes. One of the great things about innovative software is you can easily run metrics and look at your productivity from a high level. 

This means giving correct time estimates based on your crew’s previous jobs. It estimates costs based on real data, because when you go over – it hits your bank account, too.

Brooks IT Services Is The Solution For Construction Companies IT Needs

Whether your construction company is still relying on punch lists or you’re ready to optimize your existing software, Brooks IT Services can help.

We work with small business owners because we understand small business needs. Plus, we’ll work with you to ensure your managed IT services don’t break the bank.

Schedule a consultation today and find out how BITS can help your construction company.