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Why Construction Companies Need To Pay More Attention To Cyber Security In 2023

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The world has seen major changes in the past few years. More people are working remotely, companies are cashing in on lower overhead, and cyber criminals are more innovative than ever.

In fact, while a majority of businesses have been getting their bearings with the new normal, hackers have been cashing in on what others consider the unknown. With more Wi-Fi connections bringing everyone virtually together, a wave of channels provide hackers with several possible backdoors that put your network security at risk.

Once a hacker infiltrates your network, your data, finances, and safety could all be at risk. This is why cyber security and construction companies should go hand in hand as we prepare for the risks of 2023. 

5 Reasons Your Construction Company Should Refocus On Cyber Security

Just like technological advances open doors to new business processes, hackers also see them as opportunities. With each new advance, a new risk is introduced. This is why you need a Managed IT Department (MID) that keeps up with trending activities in cyber security and cyber attacks. 

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1. Every Person & Business Is A Cyber Target

Have you been blowing off cyber security because your business doesn’t feel important enough? Maybe you don’t think the money in your accounts isn’t enough to get a hacker’s attention either. 

I’ve got some unfortunate news for you – a member of the hackersphere finds your business and your money valuable. In fact, for the most part, they take what they can get whenever opportunities arise. 

This means that one weak or leaked password, a click on a nefarious link, or even forwarding an email could be detrimental to your business. At the end of the day, it’s not about whether you have enough money to have anything to worry about. It’s more about, do you have enough money to recover from a cyber attack that’s determined to take everything you own?

2. Social Engineering Is Constantly Reaching New Heights

If you’ve been to any mobile phone store lately, you may have noticed how they have beefed up security over the years. This is in response to the increase of social engineering hacks.

With the world at our fingertips, it’s normal to have work and personal apps, emails, and other data on our smartphones. Unfortunately, this means that one weak channel risks all the other data on your device. Yes, someone can hack into your Instagram, use that information to break into your email, access your online banking information, and literally steal every last penny you have (or had).

This is why, in 2023, we must take social engineering concerns as seriously as the rest of cyber security. While defensive software like antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware are still very important, they alone won’t protect your business.

Instead, you need to work with an MID who is familiar with construction companies, your processes, and of course – your risks. With this type of expertise in your corner, you can run your business in confidence and look forward to a successful year.

3. Attacks On Unmonitored Cloud Storage 

The cloud has changed the way we work for the better. Businesses that were already utilizing cloud services prior to 2020 work from home orders fared better and acclimated to the new normal more quickly than others. 

This is because, with the cloud, you can access all of your business’s data from literally anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection. And of course, this has allowed for many people to work remotely and greatly increased their quality of life. As a result, productivity has soared and many businesses are saving money with the lower cost of overhead.

However, like the rest of your network, constant monitoring of your cloud storage is critical. Brooks IT Services has stepped into the future of network security with a new program called Control One

With this new technology, our team is better equipped to monitor your entire network and immediately identify any suspicious activity. 

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4. Remote Workers Leave More Room For Security Breaches

For the most part, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who dislikes remote work. In fact, many companies are offering remote and hybrid work options in an attempt to attract more applicants.

But like we said before, with technological advances comes a new assortment of risks to consider. This is especially true for remote workers who like to take advantage of their freedom and work from different locations. 

Brooks IT Services can monitor your entire network through Control One. However, there are still protocols and precautions you and your entire construction company should follow to stay secure. 

For instance, have you heard of a WiFi pineapple? If not, this is what you need to know. Essentially, a hacker will set up shop in a coffee cafe. They will use their pineapple to eavesdrop on unsuspecting victims also working in said coffee shop. They do this by mimicking the public WiFi login and password. So when your employee goes to log in to what they assume is the coffee shop’s WiFi, they are really opening your entire company’s network to the secret hacker a few tables away.

This is just one example of the literal thousands, if not more, tactics hackers use to infiltrate business networks. Without encryption software and other measures in place, the safety of your business, employees, and even your family could be at risk.

5. Bid Data Breaches Are Becoming More Common

Before each job, your construction company will likely provide potential clients with a bid or quote for the work to be done. 

However, the data you use to construct these bids may very well be what gives your construction company the competitive edge you rely on to be successful. If these strategies are compromised, your business could experience dire consequences. 

Not only does this mean that your network is not secure, but members of the dark web could be selling your proprietary data to the highest bidder. Furthermore, we never exactly know what motivates each hacker. Sure, many of them are out for money. But many of them are also looking for notoriety in the hacker community. Gaining access and publicly releasing important data like this could make a hacker popular in these nefarious groups.

The bottom line is to work with an MID who understands the construction industry. This can help to keep your network secure and your company competitive. 

Brooks IT Services Helps Construction Companies Thrive

You wouldn’t go to a baseball manufacturer with questions about basketballs, right?

In this same vein, why work with an IT company that doesn’t have experience with construction companies like yours?

At Brooks IT Services, we work with small to medium-sized businesses. Moreover, we have years of experience with construction companies. We understand your processes, the protocols needed, and the risks that come with your industry and the technology you rely on. 

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