The 6 Pillars Of A Successful Managed Service Relationship For Your Law Firm

The 6 Pillars Of A Successful Managed Service Relationship For Your Law Firm 1496 1909 Brooks IT Services

With eDiscovery becoming more prevalent and the need to keep up with competing law firms’ resources, your relationship with managed IT services has never been more important. 

You may think having young, tech savvy employees is all your law firm needs in terms of technology. Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for disaster. 

First, how can your employees focus on their tasks if they’re constantly troubleshooting everyone’s devices and software? 

Moreover, for your IT to work for you, you need a reliable IT expert whose full-time job requires staying current with software, network infrastructure, cyber threats, and more. Managed services for law firms can keep your team competitive, productive, and focused. 

How Your Law Firm Can Benefit From Managed IT Services

Law firms of all sizes can benefit from optimizing their IT infrastructure. Whether you’re with one of the biggest law firms in the city or just starting out on your own, getting an MSP in your corner is your best move yet. 

Give your law firm the IT support it needs. Contact BITS today to learn more. 

1. The Best Legal Technology & Expert Support Keeps Employees Focused On Their Tasks At Hand

Technology is constantly evolving. Staying abreast of necessary updates and knowing when it’s time to migrate to new software can be tedious and confusing. Plus, choosing where to spend your technology budget can be hard to decipher. And unfortunately for many law firms, that leads to overspending in the wrong places. 

With managed IT services for your law firm, you can stop worrying about how to handle your tech and how to pay for it. Because a good managed service provider (MSP) will not only let you know when updates are needed, but they will also help you save money. 

Moreover, a successfully managed service partnership will help your law firm leverage technology for optimal impact. Understanding the ins and outs of your firm’s IT needs is a full-time job in itself. Put your law firm’s tech in the capable and reliable hands of a trusted managed service partner. 

2. Scalable Software Adapts To Your Law Firm’s Diversified Caseload

Whether your law firm hires summer interns and new lawyers each graduation season or keeps the staff size tight, you need software that will work for your needs.

The right software will allow your law firm to scale quickly and seamlessly depending on your caseload and its needs. For example, an MSP can pull in a project manager to help manage a case without disrupting the internal team’s day-to-day control of the matter. This can save your law firm time and money from hiring additional staff for one-off cases or outsourcing to an external eDiscovery provider. 

3. eDiscovery Expertise Gives Your Law Firm A Competitive Edge

Especially in litigation, lawyers and their eDiscovery support teams don’t always have the luxury of clocking out at 5pm. For instance, a judge may require a Monday morning production deadline for data that’s introduced on a Friday. After a long week in and out of court, can your team afford to not rest?

An MSP with litigation experience will have resources available to take tasks off your firm’s plate. This could mean giving an overworked lawyer much needed downtime, or utilizing their skills in another area while you prepare for a very important Monday in front of a judge. 

Plus, outsourcing tasks to reliable contract workers already vetted by your MSP means you don’t need to worry about hiring additional staff when you only need extra help for a weekend, week, month, and so on. 

Ready to be on the cutting edge of technology without breaking the bank? Contact BITS today. 

4. Reduce Risk In Your Firm’s Talent Acquisition

Does your law firm have tried and true vetting and onboarding processes for new hires? Given the delicate data your employees have access to, a reliable vetting process is critical. 

Consider what may happen if you miss a candidate’s red flag or if they need more training than you expect. Aside from the major risks of overlooking a red flag, you’ll also find yourself with unexpected staffing costs and training expenses. 

For instance, a new (or experienced) lawyer to your firm requiring additional training will likely fall on your existing support teams and lawyers. This will take valuable time away from their tasks at hand. And unfortunately, this can put a lag in the daily workflow, create unneeded animosity, and lower your team’s morale.

With a reliable MSP at your side, you can offload vetting and training from your to-do list. Instead, a good MSP will evaluate potential candidates for hiring and training risks. Then, you can choose from a talent pool of qualified and vetted candidates. Not only does this lower talent acquisition risk, but it can potentially save your law firm a lot of money without disrupting the daily workflow. 

5. Lower Your Law Firm’s Overhead Staffing Cost 

Relying on your employees with already full workloads to train new hires is never a good idea. Plus, putting the IT responsibility on younger lawyers that you assume are tech savvy is incredibly risky. After all, they’ve spent the last several years completely focused on getting their law degree – not analyzing constantly evolving technology. 

Moreover, a full-time, in-house IT expert means a yearly salary plus benefits. Not only is that a big chunk of change taken out of your budget, but what happens after hours or when they take PTO? Rather than leave your team without the IT support they need, invest in managed services with 24/7/365 support. 

For instance, Brooks IT Services has a team of IT experts. For less than the cost of an in-house IT expert, you can have a full team at your disposal literally whenever you need them. 

6. Transparent Billing For Your Law Firm & Clients

An unfortunate truth is that most law firms are not set up to efficiently bill eDiscovery services. But an experienced and knowledgeable MSP can offer you a simplified and predictable cost model. Not only does this save you time, but your clients will appreciate more accurate and timely cost estimates. And this helps all parties better understand how much money they spend on eDiscovery services.

MSPs who regularly work with law firms will likely already have invested in their own resources to provide to their clients. This means instead of recreating the wheel, you can take advantage of a secure, reliable, and tested process. And this will leave you with more time and energy to focus on what matters most to your law firm.

Brooks IT Services Is The MSP Solution For Law Firms

Whether you lead an established law firm with hundreds of employees or are running a one-person show, managed IT services can help you save money and boost productivity. 

Through our experience and continuous education, we are always ready to support your law firm. From choosing the right software and devices to vetting hires,  bringing in extra support, and more, Brooks IT Services can help streamline your office’s IT needs. Contact us today to learn how we can serve your law firm.