10 Things To Look For In A Managed Service Provider

10 Things To Look For In A Managed Service Provider 2560 1707 Brooks IT Services

Did you know it’s pretty common to be apprehensive about outsourcing for your business?

As a business owner myself, I completely 100% understand why. After all, like you, I have put a massive amount of time, energy, and money into my business. I’m certainly not going to trust just anyone to come along and see the inner workings of my livelihood!

That being said, doing it all alone is not a sustainable business practice. Not only are you risking your health due to all the stress, but when you fly too close to the sun, you’re likely to get burned (aka – things start falling through the cracks).

So how do you choose a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to take care of your IT needs? When it comes to outsourcing your IT needs, you must be able to trust the vendor to do the job. 

How To Choose The Right Managed Service Provider For Your Business

Here are the 10 things to look for to make the right choice for you and your business.

BITS provides flexible options to provide you with the best IT services without breaking your budget. Contact us today to learn more.

1. Has Positive Reviews By Real Customers

There are so many platforms out there for businesses to receive reviews. And because of that, you have plenty of resources to read your potential MSP’s customers’ reviews. 

The key here is to look for an MSP with more than just a few good reviews. Instead, you should be able to find multiple positive reviews across different channels. Think about Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. 

Furthermore, any professional should be willing and able to provide you with references. By getting in touch with a real, live client, you can hear right from the source about their experience. And you can ask questions that pertain to your specific business needs and work method.

2. Provides Around The Clock IT Support

Small business owners find themselves working around the clock to get all the tasks done. Moreover, some people just prefer to work late into the midnight hours. It’s quieter, and you’re less likely to get distracted by calls, emails, texts, etc.

But what happens if you need IT support in the middle of the night?

Brooks IT Services takes pride in offering 24/7/365 helpdesk support, and our clients love us for it!

Whether you prefer to work at 8am, 7pm, or 3am, you should always be able to count on expert IT support when you need it. 

3. Keeps Your Budget In Mind

Did you know there are likely thousands of options for whatever software you need? Furthermore, these options come at different price points. And this is great news for any budget-minded business owner!

If an MSP gives you a software recommendation that’s out of your budget, what use is their service? Any good MSP will provide solutions that work with your business needs and fit within your budget. 

4. Fits Into Your Business Strategy

If technology is a major component of your business, then you need to make sure it has a clear role in your business strategy.

At Brooks IT Services, we work with small businesses because we understand their demands. We tailor our solutions to align and scale with both your current and future goals. 

Ready to reach your business goals? Hire the MSP who knows how to implement the right IT solutions. Contact us today to get started. 

5. Brings Expert Compliance & Regulatory Experience

Compliance can be a scary word for some people, but it doesn’t have to be!

If you work in an industry with stringent compliance regulations, like healthcare, you can’t plead naivety if you fall short of the rules. That’s why business owners like you rely on MSPs to ensure you’re always in compliance.

Moreover, MSPs need to stay abreast of the ever-changing regulations and laws that businesses in certain industries must follow. Whether you’re in healthcare, selling merchandise online, or in another industry – find an MSP who will keep you compliant.

6. Offers No-Cost Consultations 

There are a LOT of scammers out there. To protect your business, you need to do your due diligence before allowing any vendor into the inner workings of your company.

Just like you’re not going to buy a car without taking it for a test drive, don’t hire an MSP without having a consultation. Professional and experienced MSPs will be happy to take the time to talk about your business, your needs, and how the two of you can work together. If you find yourself getting the runaround, that’s your cue to run away!

7. Keeps Up With The Latest IT Solutions 

If there’s anything that’s constant in the world of IT, it’s that technology is always changing. New ideas, data, and innovation are always pushing technology forward.

This is why professional MSPs spend a good chunk of time learning and staying up to date on the latest news, solutions, issues, and more. Before you sign on to work with an MSP, make sure they offer cutting-edge solutions to your routine maintenance and monitoring. Of course, this includes upgraded hardware, the latest software, AI solutions, and more. 

8. Employs Dedicated Expert Technicians 

An MSP can promise a lot of things. But for them to truly provide you with the best IT services, they need to be backed by a team of dedicated IT experts.

During your consultation with your potential MSP, ask your representative who will actually be available to support you – especially during those late night work sessions.

9. Provides Proactive Protocols & Solutions 

The number of things that can go wrong with your computer and system is innumerable. There are hackers, natural disasters, human error, and so much more. This is why taking proactive measures in IT is critical.

A decent MSP will monitor your network and cyber security to provide you with proactive solutions to prevent issues from disrupting your network. After all, issues can quickly lead to downtime, a loss of cash flow, and more. Furthermore, a good MSP will keep you aware of the latest phishing attempts and prepare you for many possible disasters. 

Disaster recovery truly could be the difference between minutes, hours, or weeks of downtime in the event of a natural disaster. 

10. Presents Flexible Options For Co-Managed Services

One way to weed out the not-so-good MSPs from the great ones is by how they are willing to work with you. Many companies simply need to supplement their existing IT department’s resources. And good MSPs always offer these flexible options.

When you work with Brooks IT Services, you can outsource all of your IT needs, or have us work with your existing IT department. We’ll ensure all your bases are covered every time. 

BITS Is The MSP Your Small Business Needs 

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or are just starting your new company, you need an MSP you can trust.

You’ve put too much time, effort, and funds into your business not to be certain that it’s secure and utilizing optimized technology. Brooks IT Services is your one-stop comprehensive IT expert that will help you grow your business and keep you on budget. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to get started.