6 Tips To Secure Your Remote Working Environment (Even In Starbucks)

6 Tips To Secure Your Remote Working Environment (Even In Starbucks) 2560 1707 Brooks IT Services

Did your business switch to remote work over the past few years?

Many business owners found a silver lining during 2020’s chaos in the ability to cut overhead costs. Because if there is one thing we can’t deny after living through 2020, it’s that remote work is a lot more possible (and better) than most organizations realized before.

However, Verizon’s 2022 Mobile Security Index reveals that over half of remote workers are guilty of sacrificing security for efficiency. Now that more people are working in remote locations, with different WiFi, and on various devices, it is not the time to relax security measures. 

As the cycle continues, these challenges are breeding more innovation. For example, Control One is changing the work from home game. With solutions to remote security obstacles, it is now possible to protect your business and employees from cyber threats no matter where they work – even in Starbucks!

Keep Your Business Secure From Anywhere

The world is changing. If your network and security solutions aren’t keeping up, then your business is falling behind. Stay ahead of the game (and hackers) to protect your employees and business. 

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1. Securely Move Data To The Cloud

This should be a no-brainer, especially if you have a remote workforce. But did you know the cloud provides more security and ease of use even for in-office workers?

For one, there’s no need to wait your turn to access hard copies of files. With the cloud, everyone with permission can access files simultaneously. If you had this set up prior to 2020, then work from home orders likely ran much smoother for your business than competitors who were apprehensive about the cloud.

Furthermore, cloud computing provides security measures unmatched by any in-house server. For instance, with your data in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about a thief walking out with your server – and every single bit of information pertinent to your business’s operations. And when it comes to natural disasters, floods and fires can’t hold a flame to the cloud’s performance.

Plus, cloud applications like Office 365 and Google Workspace include security features that will keep your business compliant with industry standards. 

2. Implement Standard Security Protocols

Have you ever checked your email while standing in line at a coffee shop, grocery store, or mechanic? 

With the world at our fingertips, it makes sense to use any bit of downtime to stay connected. However, this has proven detrimental to many businesses. 

Without the right security measures like Control One and VPNs, a simple email check on public WiFi is an invitation to a hacker. 

Remember the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that shut down 5,500 miles of pipeline? The colossal cyber attack that affected almost half of the East Coast’s fuel supplies was the result of one compromised password. 

If a major oil and gas company can experience such harsh results, imagine what a cyber attack could do to your small business. 

3. Work Remotely & Securely With Control One 

One of the biggest issues with remote workers is the lack of a unified security policy all in one place. But the challenge brought about the innovative solutions of Control One. Now, the firewall, security, and networking all work seamlessly together in the cloud – no matter what coffee shop or tropical beach your employees are working from. 

Control One is connecting the modern workforce like never before. The layered network solutions of in-office businesses were built for a different time. Now that hybrid workforces are here to stay, the cloud-centered security of Control One is the one-stop solution.

Aside from higher security, Control One also eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional and conflicting software. Plus, Control One allows your MSP to monitor all your networks to prevent viruses like malware or spyware from overtaking your employees’ devices and your business’s data. 

Ready to empower your business with the most innovative and effective security and networking solution without breaking the bank? Contact Brooks IT Services today and get started with Control One. 

4. Utilize 2-Step Authentication

Do you have an authenticator app or receive codes via text or email to sign into your various online accounts?

If the answer is yes, go ahead and pat yourself on the back because you have 2-step authentication set up. However, if you’re unsure or don’t have it set up on all online accounts – this is your cue to beef up your security.

2-step authentication, also known as 2-factor authentication (2FA), adds an extra layer of security to your online activity. For example, have you or someone you know been locked out of a social media account by an imposter? This scam, in particular, is going wild. And what’s worse – the hackers are setting up 2FA on their victims’ accounts, making it even harder to reverse.

The biggest issue here is that once someone has enough information to overtake a social media account, they likely have enough data to infiltrate that user’s business accounts. Yes, that includes your company’s entire network.

Don’t let yourself or your business fall victim to preventable scams, and turn 2FA on all your accounts today.

5. Don’t Share…But Always BYOD

Do your kids, spouse, friends, or neighbors ever ask to use your computer?

It may not seem like a big deal to do a small favor for someone you care about. But in reality, sharing devices (yes, even with family) is a very risky move.

On the flip side, don’t use other people’s devices either. The more places you log in to your accounts, you and your business become that much more vulnerable. This is why implementing BYOD (bring your own device) and MDM (mobile device management) policies is critical to your cyber security. 

6. Train Your Team To Use Strong Password (& Lead By Example)

Passwords are both the simplest and most underrated forms of protection. However, easy to guess and leaked passwords are also the most common culprits of data breaches. 

Moreover, keeping your password secure is more than just not telling anyone. For instance, you never know if a delivery driver who moonlights as a hacker may notice your password on a little sticky note. But even more severe are when major organizations experience data breaches that release all their users’ information. 

For instance, RockYou2021 is just one of the recent breaches that released over 8 billion passwords! 

There is talk from Apple, Google, and Microsoft about phasing out passwords in the future. However, while passwords are still at play – you need to enforce strong password policies across your entire business. And in doing so, you must lead by example.

A strong password should include at least one upper and lower-case letter, digits, and not contain any personal information. Need a refresher? Check out this helpful password infographic, print it out, tape it to the wall, and ask your employees to do the same.

Keep Your Remote & Hybrid Workforce Secure With Brooks IT Services

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Whether your employees work at home or globe trot with a laptop in hand, we can keep your business secure.

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