Benefits Of Two-Step Authentication

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Companies do a lot of their work online. From specialized software to email campaigns, their online presence is huge. However, companies’ dependence on the internet brings the need for secure networks.

One of our clients came to us to beef up her security after a data breach within their marketing company. Fortunately, they were savvy enough to notify their bank and change all passwords immediately. This was one of those happy accidents, but only because the hacker didn’t wipe out their finances. 

With any online activity, it’s crucial to ensure your network and systems are secure. But when your small business relies on being online, it could be a matter of a successful quarter or closing your doors. That’s because data breaches can be detrimental to businesses of any size, but especially small businesses. 

An easy way to make sure your business is secure is to enable two-step authentication. This is also referred to as multi-step authentication and 2-factor authentication (2FA).

Two-Step Authentication For Business & Personal Online Use

When you log in to certain websites, does it text a code to your phone to confirm your identity? That means you have two-step authentication enabled! And for that website, at least, your account is pretty secure. 

How Two-Step Authentication Can Improve Your Business

Who isn’t trying to improve their business? Streamlining processes and increasing security is a surefire way to boost your overall business.

Are you confident in your business’s online security? If not, you could be risking all the hard work you’ve put into building your business. Don’t put off your security any longer. Contact Brooks IT Services to start running your business with confidence.

Security & Mobility For In-Office & Remote Workers

Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office, two-step authentication is a must. We tell our clients constantly to use unique passwords for every login. However, many people still think that they would never be on a hacker’s radar. But unfortunately, that’s not the truth. And if your security protocols aren’t strong, it’s a matter of when – not if – a hacker will get to you. 

When everyone on your team is using two-step authentication, your business is far less likely to fall victim. That’s because every time a worker logs in to any online program, they must confirm their identity. There are several ways to go about this. 

Email Code

When you go to log on, the program or website emails you a code. You then copy and paste this code into the login page. However, this is only as safe as your email password. If you and your employees aren’t using unique passwords and changing them often, your login information is probably already compromised. 

Text Code

For sites that you visit on your phone, this function is probably the easiest. When you reach a login page, they text you a code. On newer phones, the code pops up, autofills, and authenticates your identity. 

It’s important to realize this function is only as secure as you keep your phone. First of all, you need a good password to access your phone and all apps with critical data. Secondly, you should know that it is possible for a hacker to clone your phone. This means they create a replica that contains all of your information, including access to text messages and saved passwords. Before you put all your trust in a text code, make sure that your phone is secure and passwords are changed regularly.

Authenticator App

The Google Authenticator App is more secure than both the email and text code functions. When you create accounts, rather than linking secure access to your number or email, you link it to this app. 

The app contains several codes for each site that change automatically every 30 seconds. So imagine you’re minding your own business at a coffee shop. You’re online, but you’re using a VPN, so you feel confident in your security. However, a creeper behind you took note of the codes you used to open an app. By the time they have a chance to try to access your accounts, the code has already changed! Basically leaving the creeper with the equivalent of an old password that has been securely changed. They may as well have a crumpled up blank piece of paper. 

Save Money With Less Helpdesk Support Calls

Have you ever been locked out of an account? It’s incredibly frustrating. Because then you have to call the 1-800 number and wait on hold while you convince the representative of your identity. In the meantime, your work hours are slipping by while you lose money. Moreover, if you have to call in IT support, you’re looking at an additional bill. 

However, two-step authentication can cut down these support calls. In doing so, it also greatly reduces the downtime spent trying to regain access. Two-step authentication increases the ease of access to websites. It does this by making it much simpler to prove your identity. 

Brooks IT Services works with small businesses in Houston to provide comprehensive solutions. Furthermore, we offer scalable prices that work within your budget. Ready to optimize productivity and enhance security? Contact us today!

Fraud & Theft Prevention

When it comes to the hackersphere, devious members are looking for access to accounts to defraud. If you don’t have security measures in place, a hacker will take you for everything you’ve got. 

However, if you have two-step authentication enabled, you’ve added another level of security. That’s because two-step authentication adds additional barriers that hackers would have to break down. Unless they have access to your phone, email, or authenticator app, they are out of luck.

This helps protect finances and prevents fraudsters from impersonating you to wreak further havoc. After all, you want to keep your finances secure, right?

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

When establishing your brand, customers need to have confidence in your abilities. If you’re like our marketing client, then your past work will likely speak for itself. Aside from you being the authority in your industry, clients also need to know they can trust you. 

There’s nothing like a data breach to scare off clientele. One wrong use of public Wi-Fi and your entire client list, along with all their personal information, can be sold on the dark web. One way to ensure current and future clients that you take security seriously is to let them know your business uses two-step authentication. 

Clients are likely to remain loyal and not sway to the competitors if they know they can trust you. For anything business-related, always enable your two-step authentication. 

Increase Security & Watch Your Business Improve

Brooks IT Services works with Houston businesses to ensure their devices, network, and security are in tip-top shape. If two-step authentication has you scratching your head, just give us a call. With our comprehensive services, we’ll make sure your entire network is secure and ready to face your daily workload. Moreover, increased security has been proven to increase productivity and decrease downtime. That means less money wasted and more money gained. 

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