What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Needs?

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Needs? 2560 1707 Brooks IT Services

These days, technology is king no matter your industry. 

From reaching your ideal customers to communicating their needs, you need to be accessible. Furthermore, work tasks depend on software and programs that keep your business running. 

Imagine you sit down at your computer tomorrow morning, and you’re locked out of your email. Even worse, your software has a glitch, and your employees aren’t able to do their jobs. Everything is at a standstill, and you’re bleeding money. This is a small business owner’s worst nightmare.

Your company isn’t big enough for a full in-house IT department. And the person who set up your system is in the wind. Their voicemail is full, your DIY solutions aren’t working, and you feel defeated as more time keeps passing without any work being done. 

This is a far too common experience for small business owners. But did you know outsourcing your IT support means you always have someone to call while remaining within your budget?

Outsourcing Your IT Needs Has Its Benefits

Don’t let unexpected company downtime damage your relationship with clients and vendors. Instead, outsource your IT support to trusted experts you can reach 24/7.

Control Operational & Labor Costs Around Your IT

Small businesses don’t need to set aside a budget for a full in-house IT department. Moreover, you don’t even need to employ a single IT person on your staff. That’s because outsourcing IT support from a company like Brooks IT Services scales with your budget while providing the expertise you need when you need it. 

By outsourcing your IT support, you can control both operational and labor costs around your IT and more. Never worry about paying employees who are on the clock during downtime. Instead, have confidence that your network will be managed remotely by IT experts who can prevent standstills.

Cost efficiency is typically the number one reason small businesses don’t utilize outsourced IT support. That’s why Brooks IT Services offers scalable solutions to work within your budget. Plus, you’ll save a lot more money down the line by taking the right steps now. Contact us today!

Keep Your Employees Focused On Their Tasks At Hand

When you have computer issues, do you ask your youngest employee for help?

It’s a common go-to attempt since younger folks grew up on computers. A lot of people assume younger generations are all-knowing when it comes to technology. 

However, just because someone knows how to connect to the internet or log on to systems doesn’t mean they can offer the IT support you need. Instead, you need comprehensive IT services from experts who constantly stay abreast of the latest IT developments. 

So before you call in your latest, right-out-of-college hire, get your IT expert on the phone. They will be able to help you find a solution quickly. Plus, your employee can stick to the tasks at hand. Clients and employees alike will be pleased with your business’ ability to meet deadlines so everyone can focus on what comes next.

Access & Implement The Latest Optimized Technologies Available For Your Industry

If you start researching software options for your industry, then you’re likely to find one thousand and one options. But just because there are plenty of options, it doesn’t mean they’re all equal.

You need an IT expert in your corner who knows software and can help you choose the best one for your business and budget. This will prevent onboarding your employees to glitchy programs and ensure your clients don’t start looking at your competition. 

Are you 100% confident that you are utilizing the right technology in the best way possible? If not, it’s time to up your game. Contact Brooks IT Services to learn how our comprehensive solutions can benefit you and your business. 

Have A Risk Assessment Protocol In Place For Breaches, Phishing Attempts, And More

Did you know 30% of small businesses cannot afford to recover from a cyber attack?

Even if your finances would allow you to recover from an attack, is that really how you want to spend your money?

The hackersphere is getting more brazen every day. The number of phishing attempts increases hourly. And these evil geniuses are coming up with new tactics to dupe even the savviest of your employees. 

To prevent a data breach from disrupting your business, it’s imperative that you have an IT recovery plan. A knowledgeable IT expert will include protocols to keep your business safe. And if disaster does strike, you will already have a plan in place to get your business back up and running in no time.

Choose Technologies That Will Scale With Your Growing Business

As mentioned above, there are too many technologies to count for every industry. Choosing the right one for your business is the difference between productivity and downtime. 

Moreover, you need technologies that will scale with your business’ budget and size. Especially for new small businesses, you don’t want to invest in software today that you’re hoping will be useful 5 years from now. Instead, you want something that works now and will allow you to scale up your services as the needs present themselves. 

When it comes to growing your small business, scalability is key. 

Seamlessly Transition To Remote Work In Case Of Emergencies

We all saw how the emergency work from home orders worked out for different businesses. Some thrived. Some crashed. It’s essential to understand why this is important.

If you’ve been following along, then you know getting on the cloud is crucial to your business’ success. Not only is in-house data storage a 1990’s relic, but it’s also not secure. What if there was a fire or flood? Or what if someone broke in and literally walked off with your servers?

With the cloud, you don’t need to worry about the what-ifs of a disaster. Instead, your employees can log in to your software remotely when needed. You will all still have access to your data and can get back to work without a hitch. 

Proceed Confidently Knowing You Have An Expert In Your Corner

You may know a lot about computers. But if you’re not immersing yourself daily in the world of IT, then the business you’ve worked so hard to build deserves more. 

By doing business with you, your customers have faith that you will keep their information safe. There’s no quicker way to lose customer trust than a data breach exposing their personal data. 

Rather than proceed on wishful thinking that it couldn’t happen to you, have an IT expert ensure preventative measures are in place. This way, you can confidently run your business knowing that the information of your clients, employees, vendors, and yourself is always secure. Furthermore, you’ll increase productivity and decrease the chances of downtime. 

Don’t Risk All The Hard Work You’ve Put Into Building Your Business

You wouldn’t hand all your hard-earned money over to a stranger on the street. But if you’re not taking precautions to ensure your business’ IT security and productivity, you may as well be handing out cash like TicTacs. 

Outsourcing IT support is the perfect solution to your small business needs. Not only can you count on security, but your IT experts can also ensure your systems are optimized. 

Don’t sit around wondering if a hacker’s virtual eyes are set on you. 

Contact Brooks IT Services today to get started with comprehensive IT solutions that work with your business and budget.