5 Benefits Of Adding SSL To Your Website Platform

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Is your online business doing everything possible to protect itself while promoting growth? 

How about protecting your customers’ data and information?

If you do not have an SSL certificate on your website, then you’re not doing justice to the hard work you’ve put into growing your business. Basically, if you’re asking customers or readers to give you any personal information, you need website security. 

Users can easily tell if you’ve considered their online safety by looking at the beginning acronym of your website. HTTP does not have SSL, whereas HTTPS is secured with SSL. That extra “S” shows your customers that you care about their security. Even site visitors who aren’t tech-savvy can tell when your site is unsecured since most modern-day browsers display a small lock icon next to your website URL. 

5 Benefits Of Adding SSL To Your Website Platform

So what is SSL? It stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and is critical to your website security. 

When someone visits your website secured by SSL, their browser connects with your web server. Their browser looks at and authenticates the SSL certificate, then binds the browser and server. 

Once this binding connection is secure, no one besides the intended users can access information shared by the user. 

What other benefits are there to adding SSL to your website platform?

1. Increase Google Ranking To Drive In More Traffic

We get it. It’s frustrating. It can be especially discouraging if you’re attempting to increase your website traffic without the help of an expert. There are ins and outs of promoting online businesses that some people dedicate their careers to. 

The moral of the story is this… If you’re attempting to DIY your online business, don’t let the bumps in the road catch you by surprise.  

The Google algorithm prioritizes its users’ security by ranking SSL certificate holders higher than those without it. Additionally, several browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, issue warnings to anyone visiting a site not protected by SSL. These are proactive measures to encourage website owners to strengthen their security. 

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2. Satisfy PCI & DSS Requirements To Accept Online Payments

If you plan on accepting credit card payments on your website, SSL certification is a must. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) oversees online credit card payments worldwide. Of the several PCI requirements, holding an SSL certificate is one. 

Although there are merchant services, such as PayPal, you will be charged additional fees for each credit card transaction. Oftentimes, these are more expensive than if you were to host your own payment portal.

Through the binding of browser and server which occurs with SSL, creepers can’t sniff out data sent by customers. Considering that your customers’ financial information can be easily stolen by hackers online, it’s important to include SSL to protect them and your reputation.

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3. Verify Your Identity To Prevent Scammers From Impersonating You Online

If Instagram’s blue verified checks come to mind, you’re on the right track. SSL certificates are like the blue checks of the entire internet. 

Before you can install an SSL certificate, you have to prove your identity to a Certificate Authority (CA). SSL isn’t a one size fits all solution. There is a large variety of SSL certificate types. Before you start the process, make sure to review all options. 

You may even need to purchase a few different types of SSL certificates to meet requirements. Not sure where to start? The experts at Brooks IT Services are standing by to get you the protection you need. 

4. Protect You And Your Customers’ Most Important Data 

The most important thing to know about SSL is that it protects and encrypts your data. Even though you can’t see them, hackers are always lying in wait. 

Hackers can install programs to hang in the background of different websites. So when you join an email list or fill out your credit card number, the program activates and automatically sends the data to the hacker. 

Once data is in the hands of a hacker, they might immediately go on a shopping spree or add stolen credentials to a data dump to sell down the line.

However, when a business has an SSL certificate, that data is encrypted. Only the intended recipient has access. 

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5. Improve Customer Loyalty To Increase Sales

Tech-savvy consumers know better than to just give their credit card information to anyone online. In fact, they might know to look for an SSL certificate before even doing business with you.

One way to authenticate yourself or your business is to hold an SSL certificate. Not only will customers know their payments are safe, but they will see that you are serious about online security. 

Think about all the work you’ve put into building your business. Are you ready to lose income because people don’t trust your website? Any successful entrepreneur will answer “no” to this question. This is simply because if your customers can’t trust you with their data, how can you expect them to trust your products and services?

Better Protect Your Customers While Increasing Traffic To Your Website

If you operate a website for your business and don’t hold an SSL certificate, you are probably wondering how you can fix that. 

We understand that your time is precious, so we are here to help. Brooks IT Services is committed to responsiveness, reliability, detail-oriented coordination, and project management. As the only IT service provider in Houston that helps clients stay on budget while minimizing unnecessary downtime, you can trust that your IT is in good hands.

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