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The Top Cybersecurity Risks For Construction Companies

The Top Cybersecurity Risks For Construction Companies 2560 1707 Brooks IT Services

Technology has aided in a great transformation of construction companies over the past several years. While this has greatly improved planning, communications, and other aspects of construction, it also comes with its own host of new risks.

In fact, construction companies should be as aware of and prepared for the dangers associated with technology as they are with potentially dangerous construction sites. 

Cyber risks for construction companies are one of the fastest growing trends in the hackersphere. However, a good Managed IT Department (MID) can help you choose the best software and monitor your network to keep your company secure.

Prepare Your Construction Company To Stay Ahead Of These Cyber Security Risks

Work with your MID and ensure that your construction company is secure against these top cyber security risks.

Stop losing sleep and feel confident in your network security. Get in touch with Brooks IT Services today to learn more. 

1. Inadequate Consumer-Grade Systems & Software

While the two paths do occasionally overlap, most construction professionals don’t specialize in IT or other types of computer systems. What this means is that without the support of a MID, you may be choosing inadequate consumer-grade systems and software. 

Part of being a MID includes familiarizing ourselves with the vast amount of systems and software available. With so many options, it may be hard to choose. This leads technically unsavvy (no offense) professionals to typically choose one at random or by cost.

With a MID on your side, you can rely on IT experts to help you choose the best and most secure systems and software for your workload and budget. 

2. Multiple Channels Leave Holes In Security 

Leading a construction company typically requires several channels of communication for any single project. This can be through the use of different digital systems, software, and communication devices across several offices and job sites at once.

What this means is that there are more entry points where a hacker can find a backdoor into your system. For instance, if a bad actor gains access to just one login, whether it’s business related or not, they can potentially access your entire company’s system. This puts proprietary data, finances, personal client information, and so much more at risk. 

So for each channel used by your company, vendors, contractors, clients, etc., a point of entry is potentially becoming available to someone who wishes to steal your money, discredit your expertise, break into a home, and more.

The bottom line – work with your MID to ensure that every channel of communication is secure prior to allowing your business to utilize the software.

3. Not Prioritizing Security Because It’s “Worthless” 

What’s so important about my business that someone would want to hack it?

We hear this a lot. And unfortunately, many people feel this way until they become the victim of a nefarious hacker. 

No business is too small, no funds too little, and no data too “boring” to dissuade hackers from attempting to break into your network. In fact, 43% of cyber attacks happen to small businesses annually.

Ready to secure your network and protect the business you worked so hard to build? Contact Brooks IT Services today!

4. Sharing Devices With Family, Friends & Even Colleagues 

Whether you’re a sucker for a “pretty please” from your child or just don’t think much of sharing your devices, it’s time to lock up your laptop when you get home from work.

It may not seem like such a big deal if your neighbor asks to check his email on your computer. Maybe his computer is having issues. However, there are 2 major issues. First, you never really know anyone, and it’s better to be less trusting than risk your business, family’s safety, life savings, etc. Secondly, as mentioned above, every channel creates a door for hackers to access your information without your permission. 

To keep your construction company secure, make a blanket “hands off” rule when it comes to your work devices. Yes, this includes not allowing your child to watch Netflix, teenager to shop, neighbor to check their email, or any other activities on your computer. 

5. Ransomware Could Ruin Your Business

Did you know that architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies are twice as likely to experience a ransomware attack? Moreover, 31% of AEC companies that experienced a ransomware attack were attacked at least a second time in less than 2 years. 

Ransomware attacks can affect finances, proprietary data, productivity, and much more. Remember the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that left much of the east coast without gas? That was ultimately proven to be the result of one compromised password. 

Ensure your construction company doesn’t join a long list of statistics by taking the proper security measures now. With a MID, like Brooks IT Services, you can have confidence in your company’s network security. 

6. Fraudulent Wire Transfers

These days, anyone who has built, bought, or sold property has likely made a wire transfer with a large sum of money. Unfortunately, hackers are very aware of this and do their best to trick senders so they can intercept these transactions.

A common occurrence is one where someone is waiting for an email with instructions to wire money. So when they get the instructions, they go ahead and make the payment to keep the process moving forward. This is where hackers have taken off with unsuspecting victims’ life savings. 

It’s important to not assume the email has the correct information. Instead, contact the intended recipient and confirm all account numbers and other data. 

Furthermore, speak to your MID about implementing email spam filters, encryption software, and other security features to keep your entire network safe.

7. Business Interruptions & Downtime

Money is time, and time is money. Right?

To keep projects moving forward and money coming into your business, you want to avoid unnecessary interruptions and downtime. Unfortunately, breaches in your company’s cyber security could result in these money-losing interruptions.

Even worse, if your files are inaccessible, your network is unsecure, or a number of other problems, it could cause indefinite downtime. This means your business stops, projects are put on hold, clients ask for refunds, and worse. Overall, it could destroy the business you worked so hard to build. 

Work With BITS For Network Confidence

Just like the team at BITS won’t attempt to build you a house, construction professionals shouldn’t try to be IT experts. We all have our areas of expertise, and when we work together, we can make each other stronger, more secure, and better prepared.

With our expertise and experience working with small to medium-sized Houston businesses, you can count on staying within budget and always being prepared in the event of a cyber attack. 

Let’s get started and position your construction company for success. Contact us today.