The Benefits Of Outsourcing Managed IT Services

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Just because you’re running your own business doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. In fact, outsourcing certain tasks to the experts will tremendously help your business.

Especially when it comes to your IT needs, you need an expert in your corner. Not only will your system be secure, but your processes will optimize. From choosing the right software to ensuring defenses are actually working, your productivity will soar with managed IT services. 

Why Your Small Business Success Relies On Outsourced Managed IT Services

Without managed IT services, your business will fall victim to unnecessary downtime and will be vulnerable to hackers. 

Have Confidence In Your Network Security

Unless you are an IT professional, it’s simply not possible to fully understand all the security measures your business needs. 

Business owners wear many hats all day long. From working with clients, solving employee challenges, marketing your business, and more; you’ve got a lot on your plate. 

When you try to do it all on your own, you may find yourself flying a little too close to the sun. Not only do you risk burnout, but you would also increase the risk of important tasks falling through the cracks. 

Managed IT services allow business owners like you to focus on what matters most – running your business. You can confidently get through your tasks each day knowing that your network is secure. 

Watch Your Productivity Rise

Can you confidently say you are utilizing the very best software for your business and budget? Honestly, there are likely tens of thousands of options for you to choose. So how do you know which will work best for you, your employees, and your business?

Brooks IT Services employs IT experts who have done the research. Moreover, our skilled technicians are constantly staying abreast of the latest research. This is how we are able to recommend the best software for both you and your budget. 

Furthermore, when you have the right software, productivity rises. There is less time dealing with glitches. Less frustration with software that never seems to reach the advertised benefits. And overall, far less downtime troubleshooting.

When you and your employees aren’t constantly solving computer issues, everyone can focus on the tasks at hand. And with the help of managed IT services, your business’s productivity will soar. 

Wondering what else you can do to improve productivity? Contact Brooks IT Services today!

Avoid Unnecessary Downtime & Burnout

Have you factored downtime into your budget? When things go awry, you’re left putting tasks at hand on hold. Not only does this prevent current projects from moving forward, but you’re also bleeding money. 

With managed IT services, you know your processes and software are optimized. You no longer have to worry about paying employees to sit around while you figure out what went wrong. 

Instead, you and your employees can stay on schedule. Moreover, timely deliverables mean payments come in as planned. Not only does this prevent bleeding money, but it also means you can run and grow your business as you want.

Have An IT Recovery Plan In Place

Do you have an IT recovery plan in case of a data breach or natural disaster?

Small businesses in Houston are well aware that disaster can strike year-round. We’ve seen it all, from floods and fires to freezes that disable the power grid. Furthermore, you need protocols in place for data breaches, ransomware attacks, and every cyber-attack scenario. 

An IT expert in your corner will ensure that you have a proper IT recovery plan. Some of the benefits of an IT recovery plan include:

  • Recover files and settings quickly
  • Weak links identified and corrected
  • Defensive software is updated regularly
  • Seamlessly re-install software and programs
  • Confidence that your network is secure

Do you have a plan if disaster strikes? It’s imperative to the success of your business that you account for all possible scenarios. Contact Brooks IT Services today to find out how we can make sure your system is a go.

Scalability Works With Your Budget

When small businesses bring an IT expert on staff, they have one point of contact and are at the mercy of their schedule. What happens if that employee gets sick? Are they allowed days off? What if they’re halfway around the world when disaster strikes?

This is why unless you have a full in-house IT department, you need outsourced IT services. Brooks IT Services has an expert team member on call 24/7. Because we understand that your business needs around the clock support. We also know most small businesses can’t afford an entire in-house IT team. 

BITS offers managed IT services with state-of-the-art network monitoring to manage your network 24/7. While you only have one number to call, you can rest assured that an expert will always be waiting on the other line. 

Effective Training For Employees 

One of the benefits of managed IT services is the training provided to you and your employees. Expert IT professionals can draft all the protocols in the world. But they’re no use if they’re not followed. That’s why Brooks IT Services offers training to make sure you and your employees not only understand the protocols but know how to follow them.

Security Protocols

From online shopping to cafe meetings, a lot can go wrong! It’s important that your employees know how to remain safe. For instance, if remote workers enjoy changing up their scenery, then a VPN is a good choice. And instructing your employees to set up separate computer accounts for business and personal use can protect your business. This means that online shopping would happen on the personal account, keeping your business safe from hacking vultures praying on online shoppers. 


Repeat after me, “Do not reuse passwords.” Now say that to yourself as many times as you need to make it stick. 

When you reuse passwords, you’re putting every account at risk. Once one login is leaked, hackers will try that same login/password combination for all of your accounts. For instance, imagine there is a Netflix data breach. Do you use the same password for your online banking? There’s a good chance a hacker is already funneling your funds into their own account. 

To keep you, your family, your employees, and your business safe – you need a different, unique password for every account. This means a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. For example: Br00k$iT22. However, we would never use a password that looks anything like the name of our company. Furthermore, you should avoid any family or pet names, addresses, birthdays, or common phrases. You’d be amazed at the information people can find online. And yes, this even applies to your great, great aunt’s pet llama!

Phishing Attempts

The dreaded phishing scams aren’t going away anytime soon. The best way to protect yourself against these scams is to stay aware of the latest tactics. 

With managed IT services, your IT expert will keep you and your team informed of the latest scams. This provides the education you and your employees need to avoid clicking on the wrong link. After all, it takes just one wrong click to allow a hacker access to your entire network.

Work Securely In The Cloud

Are you still working on in-house servers? Follow-up question, are you stuck in the 1990s? My apologies if that’s harsh, but times are changing, and it’s time to hop on board. 

The security risks alone should motivate you to move to cloud computing. Otherwise, you risk losing everything to fire and floods. This should be very alarming to anyone in the Houston area because flooding may as well be our middle name. Furthermore, you run the risk of a thief physically walking away with your servers and every single bit of data.

Even if you’re not worried about a worst-case scenario, there are so many benefits to cloud computing. Moreover, your employees are likely working remotely from time to time, at the very least. The benefits of migrating your data into the cloud include:

  • Securely access data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Remote workers can pick up where they left off with no downtime
  • Data is already backed up and available after disaster strikes
  • Introduce new devices with ease of set up
  • Improve your infrastructure and increase productivity

Ready to jump on the cloud wagon? Brooks IT Services can help migrate all your data for a seamless transition. 

Watch Your Business Succeed With Managed IT Services

If you’re not in the business of burning cash, then you need managed IT services. Our comprehensive services can optimize your processes, increase security, and improve productivity. Small businesses in Houston count on Brooks IT Services to provide the security they need and stay within budget. Ready to find out how managed IT services can help your business succeed? Contact Brooks IT Services today!