How Small Businesses Decide Between In-House & Outsourced IT Services

How Small Businesses Decide Between In-House & Outsourced IT Services 2560 1709 Brooks IT Services

Are you struggling to figure out how to include an IT expert in your business’s budget?

Here’s the thing, hiring a part-time or full-time employee to handle your IT needs isn’t necessarily all it cracks up to be. In fact, the benefits of outsourcing your IT services are beneficial to more than just your budget. 

Furthermore, you have a lot to consider. Think about your risk management, the ever-changing world of technology, choosing the right solutions, having the support you need 24/7, and more.

So when it comes to in-house versus outsourced IT services, you need to know which solution is best for you, your business, and your budget. Before hiring an in-house IT employee, consider the following:

  1. Protect your bottom line.
  2. Expert IT advice when you need it.
  3. IT professionals who stay abreast of the latest technology.
  4. Be prepared before disaster strikes.
  5. Scalable software that works for you now and in the future. 
  6. Pivot between in-office and remote work.

Why Outsourced IT Services Provide The Solutions You Need

Small business owners like yourself place all their cards on the table to make their business a success. Now it’s time to make sure you’re getting the most value for every dollar you put into your company.

1. Protect Your Bottom Line

No matter what stage of growth your business is currently in, hiring an employee can be expensive. Whether you pay them hourly or salary, it’s a consistent expense to your business. And you have to keep in mind that each employee is still human. This means they won’t always be available. 

Everyone needs vacation days. Otherwise, employees become burnt out, and then you have to deal with the cost of employee turnover. But you also have to consider what you will do if your one and only in-house IT expert calls out sick. With a virus still looming overhead, you need to always be prepared for every possibility. 

With outsourced IT services, you can instead rely on a team of experts who will always be there for you. Moreover, when things are working as they should, you won’t have an employee still expecting a paycheck when their services aren’t needed. 

Find out how Brooks IT Services can provide the IT services you need and keep you under budget. Contact us today to get started. 

2. Expert IT Advice When You Need It

Picture this – you hire an in-house IT professional, and they have set hours. Whether they are full or part-time, you can’t expect them to be available during their off-hours. However, a small business owner like yourself is likely working around the clock to make sure your business is functioning as it should. 

Brooks IT Services has a team of IT experts, and there is always someone available to help you. Run into an issue at 2 am? Not a problem!

This is one of the many reasons why outsourcing your IT services is beneficial to your business. There’s no waiting for your employee to punch in for their shift. And you don’t need to worry about working around one person’s availability when you have a team of experts in your corner.

3. IT Professionals Who Stay Abreast Of The Latest Technology 

If there is anyone constant factor when it comes to technology, it’s that it’s always changing. When it’s time to choose a software or program to streamline your processes, there are literally tens of thousands of options. So how do you know which is the right one for your small business and your budget?

At Brooks IT Services, our team of experts dedicates time every day to learn about the latest developments and threats. Each member of our team has a greater wealth of knowledge than anyone in-house IT expert. Unless you’re willing to pay your in-house IT employee for daily research, you can’t expect to have even close to that amount of knowledge available to your business.

What you and your business need is an IT expert who already knows the solutions to issues that may arise. Someone who you can count on for expert advice day or night. 

Keeping up with the latest technology developments is a full-time job in itself. Take the task off your shoulders and leave it to the experts. Get in touch with Brooks IT Services to learn how we can meet your exact IT needs. 

4. Be Prepared Before Disaster Strikes

Most Houston business owners already know this city is not immune to natural disasters. But you have more to consider than just floods. In fact, disaster could come in the form of fires, theft, and much more. 

You’ve put too much into building your business to close the doors after a freak accident. Plus, thieves are on the loose. What happens if they break in and steal your computer? 

Expert IT professionals, like the ones at Brooks IT Services, take risk management seriously. We prepare our clients for every possibility so that a disaster won’t knock out their ability to do their job. In fact, with the proper risk management plan, you could get your business back up and running in a matter of seconds if something were to go wrong. 

5. Scalable Software That Works For You Now & In The Future

Circling back to your bottom line, you need an IT team and IT plan that will work for you now and in the future as your business grows. Not only does Brooks IT Services provide scalable services, but we can find the best scalable software solutions as well. 

This means that you won’t have to worry about onboarding an additional employee as your IT needs grow. Plus, the same experts who have had your back all along will continue to be by your side to offer more support as you need it. 

Plus, when it comes to software, you’re not going to pay for the largest service package when you’re the only employee. But the idea of switching every file and bit of data over when you need more space and capabilities sounds daunting. However, services like Microsoft 365 are great for new owner-operated businesses as well as huge corporations with employees spread out across continents. The best part is you only pay for the services and storage that you need. 

6. Pivot Between In-Office & Remote Work

The ease of transition to remote work really affects how some people remember March of 2020. For those who were already utilizing cloud services and scalable software, the transition was fairly simple. However, companies that only had in-house computing capabilities due to their choice of software and/or an in-house server weren’t able to so easily pivot.

Brooks IT Services already primarily works remotely, so it wasn’t much change for us. But we know plenty of businesses who realized their in-house IT employee couldn’t provide the support they needed when everyone was suddenly working from home. 

Get The Outsourced IT Services Your Business Needs

With outsourced IT services, you can protect your bottom line while being confident that your business is in good hands. At Brooks IT Services, we work with small Houston businesses to provide the IT services, support, and solutions small business owners need. 

Get the comprehensive IT support your business requires to be successful and stay several steps ahead of any potential threats. Get in touch with us today to start running your business with a secure and robust IT network.