Curious About The New Windows Update?

Curious About The New Windows Update? 2073 1708 Brooks IT Services

The new Windows 11 update is more than just the first name change in 6 years. The new features and appearance introduce an elevated experience to users.

While the update first became available on October 5, 2021, the release is hitting eligible devices through a phased approach. You can download the update now if your device is compatible and you don’t want to wait. However, Microsoft recommends holding off until you are notified through a Windows Update to proceed. So what does the new Windows 11 operating system mean for you?

Microsoft Windows 11: What To Expect

The newsworthy Windows 11 update comes with several new features, as well as updates to existing programs. Most noticeably may be the cleaner Mac-like design compared to Windows 10 and older versions. Additionally, new themes for your desktop and background from the new operating system will make your PC feel like an entirely new machine. 

The Phased Update Approach

Just because it’s available before the phased approach hits your PC doesn’t mean you should be quick to download the Windows 11 update.

Consider those who received the update first as beta testers – because that’s what they were. Like most technology rollouts, there have been glitches. However, Microsoft did address them quickly, on the first day of the release, in fact. 

Furthermore, some features, such as downloading Android Apps via the Amazon Appstore, are not available for immediate use. You’ll have to wait a bit longer and make sure to keep updating your computer regularly. Not only will the newer features become available to you, but security patches and corrections will also streamline your user experience.

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Stay Connected With One Touch

These days, staying connected is a high priority. In fact, it has allowed 4.3 million people in the United States to work from home at least half the time. Companies realize that allowing remote work cuts employee turnover down by 25%. Now businesses everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon.  

What’s great about One Touch is the ability to stay in communication however you prefer. Whether you prefer chat, text, video calls, or old-school voice with no camera – you can do it all with the new Windows 11 update right from your desktop. 

The chat and calling functions are built into the taskbar. Plus, they are seamlessly integrated with Outlook’s email and calendar. This makes it easy to stay connected and keep your schedule organized with just a couple of clicks. 

Strengthen Your Workflow Focus

Need to use Powerpoint, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams all at the same time? Fortunately for you, the Windows 11 update will simplify your life, or at least your work tasks. 

Productivity often comes from multitasking between different programs. And being able to see more than one screen at once is incredibly helpful. The new Windows 11 update may help you stop shopping for additional monitors to add to your already cluttered desk. 

Windows 11 is offering new flexibility through Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops. These new features are designed to help you make the most out of your screen’s real estate. This is because these features allow you to easily organize different windows exactly how you want them to optimize your workflow. 

Furthermore, the new, more intuitive redocking experience keeps your desktop organized. To understand this feature, imagine your laptop is docked to an additional monitor. When you undock your laptop, all the windows will be visible from just your laptop. Then, when you redock, the windows will go back, spread across both screens, just as you had them set up beforehand. 

Dual Screen Use Simplifies Multitasking

Along with the more intuitive redocking experience, you can customize separate desktops. If you use your computer for work and personal use, this can be extremely helpful. Imagine switching between work, gaming, and school (or your kid’s e-learning), all with a simple click. 

In addition to Snap Layouts and Snap Groups, you can use your single screen PC as if you had that extra monitor you’ve been wanting. Simple dual screen capabilities make multitasking a breeze. If your work tasks require you to toggle between programs, you can set them up to be visible at the same time. 

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Customizable AI-Powered Widgets 

Do you find yourself picking up your phone throughout the workday? Maybe you’re just checking messages. Or perhaps you’re looking for updates on the latest topic that’s taken over the news cycle. But then you open social media or get caught up in a group text. Before you know it, an hour has passed, and you still have a long list of things to do. 

The new Windows 11 provides personalized, quick looks through customizable widgets to keep you in the loop. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the same best-in-class browser performance from Microsoft Edge, these widgets may be just what you need. 

So the next time you need to check in with the world, keep your phone in the desk drawer. Instead, click on your widget and watch your personalized feed slide across your screen like a sheet of glass. Moreover, it doesn’t disrupt what you’re working on and won’t add more tabs to your browser. 

Integrate Desktop & Mobile With Android App Capabilities

Ever wish you could use your Android apps on your desktop? Now you can!

It’s true that Windows 10 allows for a couple of ways to access Android apps. However, they are now native to the operating system. This means you don’t have to choose a Samsung Galaxy phone if integrating apps on your desktop is important to you. 

However, these new Android app capabilities did not roll out with the initial unveiling of the new operating system. You’ll have to continue to update your computer regularly to make sure you get all the benefits (and patches) from Windows 11. 

This integration between Windows 11 and Android apps shows the merge between desktop and mobile devices. 

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Gamers rejoice! The new Windows 11 update includes tech already found in the Xbox Series console to improve your PC gaming experience. Especially with this Xbox console so difficult to find, you may as well hold off and utilize your new operating system instead. 

The gaming enhancements stem from the addition of two new features: Auto HDR and DirectStorage.

Specifically, Auto HDR will give gamers the best visual experience. This is because it will be incredibly easy to turn on high dynamic range. Of course, you need to make sure your hardware will support it. 

Additionally, DirectStorage is a feature of the Xbox Series that loads game assets directly to the computer’s graphics card. This is a big deal because this data will no longer go through the CPU. What this means is DirectStorage will prevent your processor from becoming overwhelmed by gaming activities. 

Find Out If Your Computer Is Compatible With The New Windows 11 Update

Who doesn’t want to utilize the latest technology?

If you consider the downfall of acting too quickly, you may want to hold off. First of all, you need to make sure your computer is compatible with the update. Then, you still need to weigh the pros and cons. 

Microsoft will continue deploying updates for Windows 10 until 2025. So there is no rush or fear that your system will become obsolete anytime soon. 

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